PUBLIC KITCHEN mobile ideation kit


Design Studio for Social Intervention

Mobile Ideation Kit

Branding, Visual, Interaction and Product Design


PDA designer Jill worked with the Design Studio for Social Intervention to design a mobile brainstorming unit and branding for their project Public Kitchen.

With the goal of creating ways to make preparation and enjoyment of food a more public and shared experience, the Studio wanted to take this idea to different communities and lead brainstorming sessions.

With magnetic chalkboards and a collapsible easel, the concept was to make a very portable station for exploring and soliciting ideas. Jill combined original designs with those from the Noun Project to create 30 visual ideas in 5 categories: SHARE, SOCIALIZE, GET OUTSIDE, LEARN and EARN & SAVE.

Participants could pick and choose their favorites to add to a smaller board representing their "dream kitchen." Blank magnets were included so that new ideas could be added to the mix. Participants were then photographed with their board to record a visual survey.


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Click to watch DS4Si's Public Kitchen video, which gives a great overview of their project.